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About Us

WoodWorkingThis site has been designed as a way to not only display some of my work but also to introduce you to some of the amazing people I have met through various Art Shows and functions in the Featured Artist section. I started carving back in 2001 after visiting a local Wood Carving show and I decided  to give it a try. After purchasing an economical set of gouges, I was off making wood chips. I started carving Christmas Ornaments to give as holiday gifts and people wanted to know where I bought them. My daughter got involved and started adding color to the ornaments turning them into a true works of Art.

A year later I again got into trouble by going to the State Fair and discovering a fantastic display of wood bowls and watching a demonstration of Wood Turning…. so I thought I would give it a try. I bought a Jet mini lathe and started to turn out tear drop Christmas Ornaments and pens. It was very addictive and again friends wanted to know where I bought the unique items. Since my house was filling up with these unique items and I had numerous suggestions from my wife as to what I could do with them, I looked for a way to sell the work. We started doing local Art and craft shows at several  local Church Holiday Craft Shows. The rest has been a joy and through the help and guidance of several local turners and carvers our skills have grown. We are now showing our work at Art Shows and also have our work in a few Galleries in the south.

All of the items you see on this site are hand made by either myself, my wife or my daughter with the exception of the featured Artist section where the items are done by my friends. I do not buy items for resale as I would rather expand my knowledge and creativity to create a true work of Art that can be used and enjoyed.

If you have any questions or want any additional information please feel free to e-mail me at info@fatherdaughterww.com. All items are for sale and there is no way to show everything I have so please ask.

A True Family Effort

Father and Daughter WoodWorks is a true family effort. I have been carving for approximately 10 years and started wood turning about 6 years ago. My daughter and I started the business in 2004 after requests to purchase some of our carved Christmas ornaments. We started turning unique wood pen and pencil sets, carved spoons and a variety of bowls and plates to show at local Art Shows in the Central Florida area. We have had the pleasure to have items in different retailers and a Gallery but ran a challenge of keeping them unique and creative. So currently all of our items are offered at either Art Shows, on-line or by word of mouth.

What started out as a hobby has turned into an exciting enjoyable way to spread a little bit of Sunshine. Along with my daughter, and wife at times, we have created the “One-of-a-kind” items you see here. These are labors of love that we offer to you to be used or shared with others.

I started carving as a way to relieve some of the stress from the day from my day job and found quickly that it took me to a different world and allowed me to express my creativity. I have taken classes from local and nationally known craftsmen including Turning, Caricature, Relief and Chip carving. One problem I have is trying to decide what to do next as I have several projects going on at any given time. Some of my favorites can be seen in the Spoon section as well as the works in the Gallery area. My daughter joined me some time ago and has taken over the Christmas Ornament section and adds her talents to several of the custom walking canes that we have done. She, along with my wife, have been a great inspiration and they do most (if not all) of the painting on the various projects.

All of the carving is done by hand using mostly Basswood and my Flexcut tools. Depending on the item, I use a sanding sealer to add uniformity to the item and finish the piece with two coats of wax. These items are meant to be touched and appreciated. Hand carving is an old art form that starts in the imagination and ends in the hands of the recipient. Each piece is unique and produces its own character.

Wood Turning creates a completely different look and feel and all items contain the look and feel of the uniqueness of the wood they were created with. Whether it is a Bowl, Plate, Wine Bottle Stopper or a Custom Pen, they are all unique and a true work of useable art. Bowls and Plates that will hold food are all finished with a food safe finish while all items that are for show or will not hold food are finished with lacquer. These items are meant to be used and appreciated

We hope you enjoy your items as much as we did making them for you.
Please feel free to look over the site and send me a note with your comments or questions.

Thank You for Visiting,