Father & Daughter Wood Working

Product Care

Care and Maintenance of Your New Flute

We use a protective oil on all of our flutes to prevent the wood from cracking or changing shape. It is recommended that you reapply oil from time to time to ensure this type of protection continues and the wood does not dry out. Any non-toxic oil will work such as a citrus oil or similar products. Do not use vegetable oil or oil oils as they will become rancid over an extended period of time. Use a soft lint free cloth and apply to both the outside and the inside of the bore. Allow the oil to soak in ad then wipe and buff to retain the finish.

Avoid environments where there is a large change in temperature as this will increase your chance of causing the flute to crack or warp. Also be aware of major changes in humidity and allow the flute to adjust slowly. One recommendation is to put the flute inside your jacket to keep it warm prior to playing. Enjoy.


Care and Maintenance of Your New Pen or Pencil

Your New Pen is not only a special treasure but meant to be used.

All of the woods used are natural woods and will stay beautiful with just a few simple steps. The wood has been sealed the wood with cellulose sanding sealer then a shellac based friction polish has been applied to bring out a deep luster. All of the pen’s/pencils will get darker as they are used due to the dirt and oils from your skin. The wood can be easily restored by buffing with a high quality furniture wax and a soft cloth. Don’t use any cleaning agents not intended for use on wood. Never use any kind of abrasive pad to clean your wood or gold plating. Never use any cleaning or finishing product that contains abrasives or cleaning agents in the formula. The gold plating may be cleaned with a damp soft cloth. Do not use any abrasives on the gold plating as the gold plating will be removed by the abrasive.

Refilling the Pen-
All of the pen’s use a standard refill that can be found at any office supply store (Cross or Parker depending on the pen). To replace the cartridge simply twist and pull the two halves of the pen apart. These two sections should be tight, so a moderate amount of force is required for this operation. The cartridge is removed and the new refill inserted. Both halves of the pen are then pushed back together to complete the process. If you need additional help feel free to send up a note.

Refilling the Pencil
Use the same process as above to expose the pencil refill. Pencils use a standard .7 mm lead available at your local office supply store.